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The @happyops web site describes a happiness operations and field guide for applying the Buddha’s teachings, particularly the Mahayana path presented by Tibetan Buddhism. Having happiness in the path was an important part of the motivation stated in our first article:

While we are working towards making this wish manifest, we want the Mahayana path to be happy and joyful. As well as happiness being the goal, the path itself should also be happy. These articles will describe our own experiences of working with path of happiness and towards the goal of happiness!!

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These articles are written by regular contributors that form the @happyops web site. We assert the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. The names of the authors have been withheld on this web site to protect the authors and facilitate an open, honest discussion. Please contact us for the names of the authors of specific articles.

The authors assert our rights as the copyright holders of the @happyops web site and all content.

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