Allegation regarding Dagri Rinpoche

Following the articles that we published regarding allegations against Dagri Rinpoche published. It has now been 18 months since the allegations were first published in May 2019. An independent investigation began in December 2019. The outcome from an independent investigation have been published by FPMT in November 2020. Upon conclusion, it has been found that Dagri Rinpoche committed sexual harassment and sexual assault with multiple victims, as a trusted spiritual teacher, dating back to 2008, even within FPMT centres. The FPMT is taking action by permanently removing Dagri Rinpoche from the list of registered FPMT teachers, and he will be no longer able to participate in FPMT centers, projects, and services.

We are deeply saddened by the actions of a trusted spiritual teacher for over a decade even within trusted FPMT centres.

This has left us with many questions like:

  • Why Dagri Rinpoche was able to continue sexual harassment and sexual assault could continue for over a decade, even within FPMT centres.
  • Why the independent investigation only began in December 2019, 7 months after the allegations were first published.
  • Why it took 18 months after the allegations were first published for the independent investigation to conclude.

We are concerned about the ability of the FPMT organization to respond to sexual harassment and sexual assault within it’s FPMT centres in the future.

Following the allegations against Dagri Rinpoche, we feel that it is necessary to take a continued break from our usual involvement in Buddhist centres and from publishing articles. This is expected to be some time after February 2021. The experience has been emotional for us at @HappyOps, as we are sure it has been emotional for many students.

Love, @HappyOps