10 Non-Virtues: Disinformation Campaigns

Verbal Virtues

Of the 10 Virtuous Actions of speech, thought, and action, we would like to discuss the following virtues:

4. Honesty and telling the truth, even when saying nothing is dishonest.

7. Speaking about what is worthwhile.

As described in the previous article belo, we are tired of the news and opinion. Based on recent discussion at @happyops we have reached agreement that much of the news now seems politically motivated with messaging repeated across different news sources. For this reason, we are tired of mentioning his name, but a previous article about lying is available below.

Disinformation Campaigns

As well as being politically motivated, a lot of the news and opinion seems to contain a range of disinformation. It is worth taking a moment to consider the source of our news and opinion, and who is paying to have it pubished.

You can hear the political disinformation in the “spin” when politicians are cornered and the end of their political career seems close, politicians desperately try to reframe events using their own narrative. Suddenly, reframed in a new narrative, events might not seem so bad and the politicians carry on their careers to “spin” another day.

Other times political disinformation is entirely misleading or false information in the news, or opinions on YouTube and even WordPress web sites (full disclosure: this web site is hosted on WordPress). For example, the disinformation seeking to discredit climate change, black lives matter, and other significant movements of our time has moved the Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds to midnight:

Thinking about the 10 Virtues, these two types of political disinformation are not honesty and are not telling the truth. At the very least, we do not think this type of news and opinion on YouTube or WordPress web sites are not speaking about what is worthwhile. As described in the article below, we do not think that this type of news and opinion are healthy for our mental wellbeing:

With love, @happyops