Practicing self-care & protecting our minds

We have found ourselves spending too much time on the Internet reading news and to be direct, the news has been quite the shit show in 2020. We have been upset by the political posturing and the lies that have resulted in incredible numbers of deaths and peoples’ lives thrown into disarray due to reckless decisions and acts of criminal negligence. In a word, we have found politics to be filled with bullshit.

Our minds have been left feeling distraught and disturbed by reading the news, and very little is achieved in doing so. Simply reading the news does not mean we can change anything, but voting in an election and writing to our political representatives can change something.

As part of our own self-care and to protect our minds, we decided to take a break from writing and from the Internet in general. This means that articles will be infrequent for the time being. We will focus on reading books, going for pleasant walks, and talking to our loved ones.

We hope you can take the time to practice self-care and protect your mind.

With love, @happyops