Unsolicited Submission – Educational lecture series to @Netflix @NetflixANZ @Netflixhelps

The folly of modern documentaries

As discussed in previous articles, many of the vegan documentaries we watched previously are simply emotive, poorly researched, and just presented one side of the story. Other documentaries can amount to little more than conspiracy theories. Many conversations people have about current events can just be a retelling of conspiracy theories rather than informed opinion based on facts.

As discussed previously, disinformation campaigns were called out as one of three contributing factors to the current time on the Doomsday Clock, and there is so much disinformation available through channels like Youtube.

Educational lecture series

Elevator pitch: An educational lecture series like “For Dummies” presenting facts in a time of disinformation and conspiracy theories, presented by the people that “lived it” or “wrote the book”.

For this reason, we would like to make an unsolicited submission to Netflix to request a series of educational lectures on important current issues. Each lecture should be informative and in-depth enough to provide sufficient background and talk through the facts – the key core concepts, historic events, current views. Each lecture should last long enough to talk through these facts and last for 2-6 hours on each issue.

Each lecture should be presented by the expert in their fields, by the people that either “lived it” or “wrote the book”. Each lecture should be presented by one or two experts and remain minimalistic, with no separate interviews, no orchestral music, no historic re-enactments, and visual graphics only where necessary.

Suggested important current issues include:

  • Climate change, what lifestyles that are effective, and what effective government policy could look like.
  • History of slavery, civil rights, and racism in society around the world.
  • How the US government works, how to engage with the government, and a critique of the effectiveness of checks-and-balances in branches of the US government during the Trump presidency.
  • China’s human rights violations in Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and persecution of religious communities.
  • Modern medicine, vaccination and herd immunity, and the necessity for a COVID-19 vaccination.
  • The LGBTQ+ movement, the spectrums of sexuality and gender, diversity and inclusion.
  • Mental health and happiness, what lifestyles that are effective, and what effective government policy could look like.
  • Religions of the world, key historic events, core teaching and texts, as well as major denominations and religious practices.
  • The Big Bang theory, physics, and the maths behind it.
  • Darwin’s discovery of evolution, and evoluation from bacteria, to dinosaurs, to homo sapiens. Do play ‘It Began In Afrika’ by The Chemical Brothers.

Many of the people that lived through key historical events are still alive. His Holiness the Dalai Lama lived through the invasion of Tibet and Chinese human rights violations, Archbishop Desmond Tutu lived through apartheid in South Africa, Sir David Attenborough has seen the effect of climate change on wildlife around the world.

With love, @happyops