June 2020: Moving to a monthly cycle instead of weekly


We would like to provide a quick update from @happyops.

Monthly cycle instead of weekly

We have decided to reduce the frequency of publishing articles from a weekly to a monthly cycle. This is based on our other time commitments. We hope that our readership will continue to follow our articles despite the change of frequency.

We will continue to link to articles and post relevant information on Twitter. You can follow the username @happyops.

Allegations against Dagri Rinpoche

We are still watching and waiting for a conclusion to the allegations against Dagri Rinpoche. Until the matter is resolved we still feel it is necessary to continue our break from attending Buddhist centres. We look forward to reading the FPMT publishing the fact-finding assessment with a review and report on findings.

The articles below include recent updates regarding allegations against Dagri Rinpoche:

Please stay safe

We hope that your Buddhist practice and developing good qualities are progressing, where ever you are.

Please stay safe.

With love, @happyops