With love & thanks to @JacindaArdern

We would just like to express our love and thanks to Jacinda Ardern. Through her leadership Jacinda Ardern has protected the lives of people across New Zealand.

We have been very uncomfortable with the narrative towards the Coronavirus in world politics. Many countries around the world seem to have taken a frivolous attitude towards the lives of people, or calculating the value of lives against the economy.

The restrictions in New Zealand were inconvenient and disruptive to daily life. But the compassionate action taken early in the Coronavirus outbreak by Jacinda Ardern has protected many lives. Most likely Maori and Pacifica communities would have been disproportionately affected, and most likely thousands of lives have been protected. And we at @happyops are incredibly grateful.

With love & thanks, @happyops

Artwork by @MissHauora