Remember the things you were doing 1 month ago that you took for granted and can’t do any more?

Only 1 month ago we were in a different situation, where it was just another day. We could visit the Buddhist centre, the gym, our favourite restaurant, get to work, and do all of the other things that we took for granted. Now while we are in a lockdown we can’t do any of these things, perhaps not for 1 month or 3 months more, or maybe even longer.

Interdependence & Interconnections

We tweeted on @happyops about Geshe Tashi Tsering posting videos on the Coronavirus from a Buddhist perspective, such as interdependence or interconnections. In this context, we can think of the interdependence or interconnections that brought about the situation we enjoyed before the Coronavirus entered our lives. The causes and conditions had come together for us to practice the Dharma and visit the Buddhist centres to access Buddhist teachings. But now there is a break in those causes and conditions. Seeing how our opportunity to practice the Dharma in our lives is temporary, we should not take our life and our ability to practice the Dharma for granted, but make the most of the opportunity every day.

Making Use of Time in Lockdown

We can still choose to use our time in lockdown to access Buddhist teachings online. Some Buddhist centres are continuing to offer Buddhist teachings online:

We can also choose to treat our time in lockdown as an opportunity to do a personal retreat. In the article below we talk about doing the Vajrasattva purification practice. In our next article we will describe some suggestions for structuring a personal retreat.

Love, @happyops