Join us for #MeditateInMarch

We have decided to commit to meditating every day in March. Each meditation session must be at least 30 minutes and at least half the time will be spent doing mindfulness meditation. We might add other meditations as well as short prayers at the beginning and end of the session.

The primary reason is that we have been inconsistent in our meditation practice, between Christmas, New Year’s, and summer vacations, we have fallen out of the habit of a daily meditation practice. Our intention for #MeditateInMarch is to prioritise the habit in our lives.

The secondary reason is that we feel like we have fallen out of touch with our feelings and emotional landscape. For various reasons, a sense of stress has built up. Our intention for #MeditateInMarch is to work through this sense of stress and reconnect with ourselves.

Join us for #MeditateInMarch

Join us for #MeditateInMarch for mindfulness each day, or whatever works for you. There are some great resources that teach us how to meditate:

We will report back at the end of March to report on our experience. Please let us know if you decide to join us and #MeditateInMarch.

Love, @happyops