Back From Break In January 2020

Kia or, g’day, and welcome back to our new series of articles for 2020.

We took the decision to take some time away from the @HappyOps articles to focus on our other responsibilities.

There was also a second reason for our time away. Following the articles regarding allegations against Dagri Rinpoche, we felt it was necessary to take a momentary pause from our usual involvement in Buddhist centres and from the @HappyOps articles. We felt disturbed by these allegations. We have taken a “watch and wait” approach to the outcome of the police investigation of Dagri Rinpoche (expected to conclude with the court date on August 26) and the independent audit of the FPMT (expected to conclude two months after August 12).

We have certainly missed the warm and welcoming communities and spaces offered by FPMT centres around the world. However, we felt that until the matter has been resolved it was necessary to take the time to focus on our own Buddhist practice and developing good qualities in our own space.

These themes come through in two articles that we previously published in June and August that were particularly difficult for us to compose. Unfortunately the FPMT have published few updates since August 12:

We hope that the FPMT will be forthcoming in 2020 with information regarding the police investigation of Dagri Rinpoche and the independent audit of the FPMT.

Love, @HappyOps