Post-Vegan Energy

Based on our experience, we noticed one change in particular after making the switch from a vegan to an omnivore diet. We made the switch from vegan to a vegetarian diet first, then we went all out an omnivore diet shortly before the end of 2016.

We talked about our experiences in the #PostVegan series of articles that drew on our personal experiences and the scientific research that formed the basis of our decision to change from a vegan to a vegetarian and omnivore diet.

We noticed one of the biggest differences was the amount of energy that we had. For example, at work we were able to get through the day without crashing hard in the afternoon; at the gym we were able to do a session at the gym and walk out without crawling out from the total sense of depletion. The day after exercise we no longer feel tired and exhausted in our muscles, just the “good ache” from exercise.

In a wider sense we have had more energy to make bigger life changes – quitting jobs, moving countries, chasing new experiences. While on the vegan diet we did not have the energy required to make such big changes – it was too much for us.

This new sense of energy could be due to the protein that is more readily abosrbed from animal-based sources. Protein from plant-based sources has absorbtion levels of % whereas protein from animal-based sources has absorbtion levels of %. It is difficult to get the high levels of protein to obtain the necessary daily in-take of protein.

In much the same way, this new sense of energy could also be due to a range of vitamins and minerals that are readily available from animal-based sources but difficult to absorb from plant-based sources. Other vitamins and minerals only exist as trace amount or are not present at all in plant-based food.

Love, @happyops