From all of us at @HappyOps wishing you a happy Buddha Day!!

Saka Dawa is the special month known as the “month of merits” for Buddist practice. In 2019 the month is between June 3rd and July 2nd. Dawa means “month” in Tibetan, and “Saka” (“Saga”) is the name of a star that is prominent in the sky during Saka Dawa. We were unable to find which star that “Saka” refers to.

Saka Dawa is a wonderful opportunity to put our good intentions into action. Whether that means attending Buddhist teachings, formal meditation, or putting the Dharma into action in our daily lives. The objective is always to benefit people and animals in our every action, to increase the happiness of ourselves and others to the best of our abilities. Just do your best!!

June 17th is Buddha Day celebrates Buddha Shakyamuni’s enlightenment and parinirvana. This is the main Buddhist festivals held each year. If possible, it would be wonderful to do some formal practice such as attending pujas and meditation sessions held at Tibetan Buddhist centers around the world. For more information please see:

Wishing you a happy Buddha Day, @happyops