“Working to live, not living to work” – more than just a stencil

This article is written by EH at @happyops.

I made the decision to focus on work and career, so that work has had command over most of my time and attention. But by focusing on work I have lost my perspective. This has meant that I have perceived smaller problems as much bigger than they actually are.

This has meant that work and career have become goals in themselves, which contrasts with my outlook of “working to live, not living to work”. Although it sounds like something that is stencilled on to bedroom walls, it is another way of thinking about work-life “balance” and priorities in life. There is an article on work-life “balance” here:

So this raises the question – what am I working for, or what is important in my life? It is not enough to simply have the priorities in mind, but I must go on to change the way that I am spending my time. Without making the time, the priorities become meaningless.

These are the goals that I currently have:

  1. Daily dharma study and meditation.
  2. Time with friends and family.
  3. Regular exercise.
  4. Study for a professional exam.

Wishing you every happiness, EH.