News & Shantideva On The Internet

Simply browsing web pages on the Internet exposes us to so many world events that it can seem overwhelming. Only bad news sells, with a few exceptions like @HappyNewspaper_. This can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed by negative news and events that can feel depressing.

Let’s take the example of political decisions being made in another country, like “Brexit” the decision for Britain to leave the European Union. :

  • From outside Britain there is little that we can do as individuals to affect the decision-making process of politicians, so very little we can actually do to change the events surrounding Brexit such as speed up the decision-making process. We should definitely vote in referendums and general elections, or write to the political representatives, but outside of the democratic process there is little we can actually do to influence political outcomes.
  • From outside Britain there is a limited effect on us as individuals about Brexit, the actual impact on ourselves is minimal. The decisions from Brexit will impact Europe and the world, but the actual impact on our day-to-day lives will be very limited.

The line from the ‘Serenity Prayer’ that asks us to “accept the things that we cannot change”, Shantideva (chapter 6, verse 10)

Why be unhappy about something

If it can be remedied?

And what is the use of being unhappy about something

If it cannot be remedied?

Let’s be careful out there, @happyops