News & Happy News On The Internet

Simply browsing web pages on the Internet exposes us to so many world events that it can seem overwhelming. Only bad news sells, with a few exceptions like @HappyNewspaper_. This can lead to a sense of exhausting compassion fatigue for the world and lead to sense of apathy and dullness. This article

Limiting News Intake

News focuses on negative world events, such as crashes and accidents, disease outbreaks, or other forms of suffering and tragedy in the world. By reading the news we expose ourselves to these unsettling world events. Obviously we must have compassion for those suffering in the world, in all of those forms of suffering. But we have found that we quickly reach a point where exposing ourselves to this suffering is not productive and only serves to unsettle our minds.

For this reason we have decided to limit the amount of news that we expose ourselves to. Before we would read the news daily, to understand every twist and turn as world events unfold. Now we read the news weekly to understand the key events and no more.

Progress of Humanity

Only bad news sells and this can make our world view seem negative, as though only bad things are happening in the world. This can lead to a sense of hopelessness, as though we are all doomed. But that simply is not the case.

Incremental changes are being made by humanity all of the time. Bill Gates in a book review of ‘Factfulness’ by Hans Rosling refers to the progress made by humanity in history that comes bit by bit and does not make for thrilling news headlines. Progress is being made in the wider picture of history, bit by bit.

Finding Happy News

Instead of focusing on the negative world events, there are sources of happy news that focus on the positive events in the world. We can apply our wisdom to expose ourselves to positive news, whether it is the Happy Newspaper, something wholesome on the Imgur, or another source of positive information.

Seeing news and quotes from His Holiness makes us happy:

Let’s be careful out there, @happyops