The New Zealand way of defeating terrorism

On reflection, there has been a lot of acceptable racism and acceptable Islamophobia for almost 17 years. There has been a steady tone playing in news, media, and reinforced by government policy since the “9/11” attack in New York, the “7/7” attack in London, and other attacks. The subsequent government policy and the wars against al-Qaeda and Isis have only served to reinforce that the steady tone was correct all along.

The reason why the Mosque shooting in Christchurch was not anticipated by the New Zealand government agencies and police was simply because of this acceptable racism and acceptable Islamaphobia. The government agencies and police were not looking for a white, alt-right, Christian extremist to be the cause of a terrorist act. But there he was, posting his intentions on Facebook.

At @happyops we have been deeply shaken by the Mosque shooting in Christchurch, like standing next to a big bass speaker. It was a terrible act performed in a city that has lived in fear of more sudden earthquakes since the 6.2 scale earthquake in 2011. And now this terrible act.

Despite the terrible act, so much love and compassion has been shown by the people of Christchurch, of NZ (New Zealand), and the leaders of NZ. Here is a quote from NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern when she spoke with US President Donald Trump:

“My message was sympathy and love for all Muslim communities,” Ms Ardern said.
“I simply conveyed the sentiment that exists here in New Zealand.”
She said Mr Trump “acknowledged that and agreed”.

It strikes us at @happyops that this is the way that the victory is taken away from the terrorist actors – the terrorists are defeated by the public outpouring of compassion and love for the Muslim community, by the show of solidarity with Muslim people by wearing the hijab, and by the new unity that has been formed between New Zealand communities.

The firm decision to implement gun reform and change New Zealand laws is an important second movement. The intention of the government is clear: the law change is necessary to avoid another terrorist act like the Mosque shooting from happening within New Zealand. This seems like a reasonable course of action that we warmly welcome at @happyops.

Love, @happyops