Sympathy and love for all Muslim communities

Having A Fair Go

When I first arrived in New Zealand, what struck me was how strangers in the street would ask each other questions out of interest. It showed that Kiwis take an interest in each other and respectfully ask about it. But also Kiwis take the time to respond and explain the thing, whatever it is they have under their arm or what they are into. In other countries strangers simply ignore each other to go about their day.
But it is more than that, in New Zealand there is a sense of everybody “having a fair go”. The events that have happened this week simply are not the Kiwi way. A few white supremecists terrorising people does not reflect the Kiwi mentality. But the response, filled with compassion is very Kiwi.

This Can’t Define Us

This event itself is terrible. But the response has been very Kiwi. Somebody in New Zealand said that “this can’t define us”, making the decision not to allow this terrible event to be a defining moment in New Zealand history. But the response and mourning from across New Zealand does show some of the Kiwi mentality.

Sympathy & Love

This Kiwi mentality is exemplified by the actions of PM Jacinda Ardern. Below, PM Jacinda Ardern described her interaction with President Donald Trump. To step in and avoid it from happening again, PM Jacinda Ardern is already discussing gun law reform and banning semi-automatic weapons from New Zealand.

Love, @happyops