Starting A Dharma Discussion Group, Reasons & Text Selection

We are starting a new Dharma discussion group.

Reasons To Begin A Dharma Discussion Group

There are many reasons to begin a Dharma discussion group.

  • The first is that the discussion can be an avenue for new people to explore Buddhism in a friendly, informal environment.
  • The second is that it is a way for mature students to go through the process of unpacking a text.
  • The third is that it creates a friendly, community environment for Dharma students to come together.

The Text

The selection of the Dharma discussion group is particularly important. Of course, it is important to select a text written by a reputable author. For example, texts by HH Dalai Lama, Geshe Tashi Tsering, Tenzin Palmo, and Thubten Chodron provide a wonderful range of texts.

It is important to avoid presentations by more contrversial teachers or Buddhist organizations. For further details, please refer to:

The selection of the book should depend upon the audience. If students already familiar with Buddhism are expected to attend, then the book could be more dense or cover a more advanced subject matter. If students are new to Buddhism, then it is important to select a more accessible presentation on a less advanced subject matter.

Next week we will continue on starting a new Dharma discussion group.

Love, @HappyOps