Dieting & this Precious Human Rebirth

This article is written by EH at @happyops.

Having hit 100kgs by overeating over the festive season, I made the decision that it is now time to change my eating habits for the better. For a male of my age and build, my target weight for this change is 90kgs. This seems like a reasonable target weight. I intend to do this over a period of 9 months, which means means dropping about 1kg per month. I am not in a rush and I would rather make healthier lifestyle choices rather than following fad diets.

Hitting the 100kgs was quite the wake-up call that I need to make real changes to my eating habits. Being based in the southern hemisphere, being overweight in the hot summertime is not a good feeling. It feels sweaty, chafy, and very uncomfrortable.

I also have a precious human rebirth – an opportunity to practice the Dharma. If I would really like to make the most of this opportunity then I certainly need to be healthy enough to practice the Dharma. Tired and overweight does not seem like the correct approach.

Now that the new year has begun in earnest, I have decided to make four changes to my eating habits:

  1. No chocolate or sweets. For me, I need to stop using the excuse of “treating” myself or “deserving” some chocolate treat. I have a lot of attachment and desire for chocolate. Afterall, chocolate is just empty calories, it just tastes so good!!
  2. 3 salads for lunch per week. During the week I will eat a minimum of 3 salads per week. This is realistic as there are a few options for salads.
  3. Limit portion size in general. My big weakness is around upsizing or adding extras to the takeaway meals that I have. Even if it is adding something relatively healthy, my body just does not require the extra calories. I certainly do not need the extra french fries or sauce. Instead, I will just have the standard portion size. Portion size also applies to the amount of fruit that I consume, as the fructose is mostly sugar. Therefore, I need to limit the amount of fruit that I consume.
  4. Drink alcohol on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. During the festive season there have been plenty of excuses for drinking regularly and that habit has carried on. 3 days of drinking might seem like a lot, but I would prefer to make my goals realistic and stick to them rather than break unrealistic goals.

Alcohol is a funny creature. It can be fun during the festive season or as a comfort at the end of a stressful day. Either way, I need to rein-in my drinking that became more commonplace during the festive season.

A lot of this is just a bad habit that I have found myself repeating. I just need to conscioussly replace the bad habit with better habits.

Wishing you every happiness, EH and everybody at @happyops.