Wishing you a happy Monday and a wonderful year ahead for 2019 from @HappyOps #HappyMondays

This year we have been using the tag #HappyMondays without really explaining why. It might seem like a leap to get from a website about Tibetan Buddhism to links to electronic dance music (EDM). Mondays are typically the first day back to work after the freedom of the weekend. It can be difficult to face Mondays and work after a wonderful weekend, but we all need to pay the bills. To help us at @HappyOps get through our day jobs, we like to have something to look forward to that will brighten our Monday. For us, a good soundtrack makes our Mondays happier – and usually this means some positive, uplifting eletronic dance music (EDM).

We use the hashtag #HappyMondays for two reasons. The first reason is giving us a reason to give us something to look forward to that will bright our Mondays. The second reason is a play on the name of the real band named The Happy Mondays. To end 2018 we would like to share a remix of the song ‘Hallelujah’ by The Happy Mondays by Paul Oakenfold and Andy Wetherall:

> Happy Mondays – Hallelujah (club mix)
#HappyMondays @Happy_Mondays @PaulOakenfold

Love, @HappyOps