Ethics for Kids & World Leaders

Explaining ethics to kids is relatively straight-forward if it is worded in terms that kids will understand. This article describes the 10 good actions. We recently encouraged world leaders to follow the list of 10 Virtuous Actions.


1. No killing. Protect the lives of people and animals.
2. No stealing. Only taking what is given or give away when you can.
3. Only kiss when the other person wants to be kissed.


4. No lying or holding back the truth. Always tell the truth.
5. Use words to bring people together in community.
6. No swearing. Use gentle words.
7. No gossiping. Think about what you have to say before opening your mouth.


8. Be happy with what you have and that others have what they have.
9. Your actions have consequences. If you do something naughty you get into trouble. If you do something helpful you get praised.
10. Think about what you are doing and use your common sense.

Love, @happyops