International Men’s Day 2018 #IMD2018

In March 2018 we celebrated International Women’s Day to celebrate people who identify as female. Men also celebrated the women in their lives. In November 2018 is International Men’s Day.

Unfortunately much of the messaging that males face is negative in popular culture. Men face negative stereotyping and unachievable expectations, including:

  • Unachievable body images, with muscle development.
  • Be physically and mentally strong without sign of weakness.
  • Social expectations to make money, succeed, and provide.
  • Expectations to perform sexually, without erectile dysfunction.
  • To procreate successfulyy, not a low sperm count.
  • To be loud and cocky, not quiet and reflective.

In relationships, the expectation still exists for the man to pay for everything, to have it all figured out, and have a plan to get what he wants.

We think that such social expectations are just as negative for males as social expectations are for anybody else. At @happyops we spend a lot of time reflecting on those expectations that permeate society because we have found that they are completely and utterly useless. We reached this conclusion because of the unhappiness and suffering that those expectations bring about – they are unachievable for most men. Even when achieved they do not deliver the happiness and pleasure that they promise, and somebody has just wasted years of their lives achieving something that they didn’t really want all along. The suicide rates for men are staggering around the world.

Knowing that they are suffering just as you suffer, we implore you to care for the men in your life, to show them kindness, and the celebrate the good men who are positive role models.

Love, @happyops