The Peaceful Path Is The Only Path For Israel

We are deeply concerned about the on-going attacks perpetrated by Israel on Palestine.

Hamas maintains it wants a full lifting of a crippling blockade Israel and Egypt imposed on Gaza. The crippling blockade mean that Palestinians only get a few hours of electricity a day and undrinkable tap water, suffer from soaring joblessness, and have limited freedom of travel. This has created widespread desperation among Gaza’s two million residents.

Palestinians have marched in protest of the blockades over the past six months. In that time at least 210 Palestinian protesters have been killed and more than 18,000 were wounded.

Over the weekend Israeli fighter jets attack 80 sites in Palestine. Casualties are currently unknown. Palestine is outgunned as Israel has the “iron dome” that shoots down any missiles inbound for Israel. It is unclear whether the missiles launched by Palestine were actually launched by people trying to undermine the negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

It seems like the current situation is not sustainable and only creates a living hell on earth for the people of Palestine. We would like to encourage Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) to find solutions to the problem in Israel through dialogue and peaceful negotiations, not the use of physical force and violence.

Love, @happyops