Cut The Crap

One of us at @happyops is now moving city. Moving is a great time to hear again what @LifeEdited and the @TheMinimalists have to say because they drive home this point: the more you pack the more you have to lift and move, to insure, and to fit into a new home at the destination. But if you cut the crap out of your life, then all of that stuff is taken out of the equation if you have already removed it.

Back in 2015 we wrote this article. The approach of @LifeEdited is described in the TED talk below:

At the beginning of 2018 we wrote this article on minimalism where we talked about the documentary by the same name. The documentary raises questions around what are we doing with our lives, how we spend our lives, what we buy, and how we interact with others. These questions raised by @TheMinimalists are very important in the context of the documentary and the Buddha’s teachings. The approach of @TheMinimalists is described in the TED talk below:

Cutting The Crap

Before the move it was easier to cut out the following:

  • Clothes, make-up, books, and DVDs that have not been watched over the past 1 year.
  • Receipts or magazines older than 1 year.
  • Repackaging CDs and DVDs, taking them from the boxes and putting them into CD cases. Just the packaging takes up so much space!

This could be an opportunity to practice generosity and give things away to people you know or through a charity, as part of the 6 Perfections. Because this action becomes an act of generosity, knowing that these items will be used by others might make it easier to give away items where there is some attachment. There is also the karmic result of the act of generosity that will be created through your action of generosity for your future happiness. Maybe there is a pair of shoes that haven’t been worn over the past 1 year but there is some attachment. Knowing that the pair of shoes will be used by others and you will create the karmic result for future happiness, it might be easier to give away that pair of shoes.

Love, @happyops