What Do People Do With Their Free Time?

A recent visit to the UK triggered an interesting conversation at @happyops which raised this question: what do people do with their free time?

In the UK and other western countries, there have been various attractions that have taken up much of the free time of young adults 20-40 years old. These attractions included rave and club culture in the 1990s and 2000s, reflected in popular music during that era. In the early 2010s bars and comedy clubs took a lot of the attention, reflected in Friday and Saturday night television entertainment.

But rave and club culture, and bars and comedy clubs have become less popular later in the 2010s. This prompted the question: what do people do with their free time? The ban on smoking indoors in many countries and access to cheap alcohol has prompted many to drink at home instead of the bars. A larger trend is the use of computers and personal devices to consume more movies and television, to spend more time shopping online, or spend more time on social media platforms. In other words: are people staying at home to drink or browse the web?

One observation from the UK is the attention on acquiring more products, including cars and homes. Like building a beautiful landscape at home. But once these have been obtained, what then? This seems like the perfect time to turn to the Dharma, as no more accumulation of material possessions is required. This allows people to accumulate positive actions and work through negative emotions, to build a beautiful landscape within ourselves. This seems like a far more worthwhile pursuit, because we usually leave our home every day but we take our internal with us, wherever we go.

We hope that, whatever products you have acquired, you are able to turn your mind to the more significant activities.

Love, @happyops