Comment on Buddhist Artefacts Held at Kedleston Hall

This is the final article in a series where we share some of the Buddhist artefacts held at Kedleston Hall in the UK. Kedleston Hall is open to the public and is maintained by the National Trust. A range of Buddhist artifacts were collected by the Curzon family and are held at Kedleston Hall.

It was an unexpected delight to find Buddhist artefacts from multiple Buddhist countries, including Tibet. Before our visit we did not know that these artefacts were present at Kedleston Hall, and it made for a very special surprise. The National Trust is the curator of these artefacts, ensuring that they are maintained and information about them is accessible to visitors. We warmly recommend that our readers visit Kedleston Hall whenever they can.

One small comment that we had was that smoking paraphernalia were included with the Buddhist artefacts. In some cases the smoking paraphernalia were balanced on or over the Buddhist artefacts. We found that this arrangement did not show suitable respect to the Buddhist artefacts. This is a small comment, and should not detract in any way from the great work that the National Trust has done in preserving the Buddhist artfefacts.



Love, @happyops