Buddhist Artefacts at Kedleston Hall

This is the third article in a series where we share some of the Buddhist artefacts held at Kedleston Hall in the UK. Kedleston Hall is open to the public and is maintained by the National Trust. A range of Buddhist artifacts were collected by the Curzon family and are held at Kedleston Hall.

The images below include other artefacts mostly from Tibet.


#1. Appears to be a container for smaller Buddhist statues and items of special meaning. It is reminiscent of the cover image used for the book Lighting the Way by HH Dalai Lama.


#2. Includes a dorje (left) is a ritual item that is used with a bell in tantric practices in Tibetan Buddism, and a bowl (right) that might be used on an alter.


#3. A bottle that might be used in tantric practices.



#4. A prayer wheel (foreground) where the barrel is typically packed with prayers written on paper and rolled tightly. A tea pot (background).


#5. A lacquer ceremonial bowl had Chinese origin.

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