Planning For Enlightenment

Reflecting on the meditation on death, it is helpful to understand that death is certain and that only spiritual wealth has value at the time of death. These points increase the importance of understanding that we have a limited timeframe to practice the Dharma. But we find that the uncertainty of the time of death is unhelpful. The idea is to increase the urgency to practice the Dharma because we do not know when we will die.

Instead, we suggest that it is more useful to make a plan and plan our Dharma practice. It would be like planning our financial future by saving and preparing a pension. Hopefully we will live to 80, in which case we have finances available to us throughout our retirement time.

It is reasonable to make a plan our Dharma practice for 1, 3, 5, or 10 years. We decided to make plans from now until December 2019.

Our plan includes these points:

Our plan excludes these points:

  • Develop tantric practices.
  • Texts: Aryadeva, long books on emptiness,
  • Practices: Chenrezig, Medicine Buddha,

Love, @happyops