HH @DalaiLama: “The Real Protector Is Yourself”

This quote from HH @DalaiLama really means a lot to us. We think that HH @DalaiLama is urging us as Buddhist practitioners to be our own protector, be our own guru, be our own witness, and is encouraging us to realize our potential for Buddhahood. Naturally, we all have this capacity to attain full, perfect, complete enlightenment and achieve Buddhahood. To achieve this state it is necessary to set our motivation correctly and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

We find that quotes and images of HH @DalaiLama carry deep significance and motivate us in our practice. Through the words and actions of HH @DalaiLama we find in him an example of great compassion and wonderful kindness in a troubled world. We hope that our readers also find this quote and image motivating too. @DalaiLamainAus have released a whole series over the years and you can check them out here:

Love, @happyops