Beautiful like a rainbow

We have a metaphor that we hope you find useful:

Like rain, problems and difficulties are inevitable. This applies whether you are trying to get your next meal, deal with the realities of fame, or feed your addiction to heels. There are always problems and difficulties, they never seem to stock our size in the sales.

Like sunshine, the Dharma can help us to approach problems and difficulties in a different light. The Dharma will be of no help in a heated situation if we aren’t familiar with the antidotes to negative emotions, or if we have forgotten all the teachings. The Dharma can only help us if we apply it correctly and with effort. This requires us to have a deep understanding of a situation and to use wisdom to apply the right antidote in the right way.

Like a rainbow, beautiful benefits arise when we apply the Dharma to our problems and difficulties in the right antidote in the right way. from the virtuous qualities we develop from practicing the Dharma and positive merit we create through our actions. This virtue is created when we apply the Dharma to our problems. We get to enjoy the beautiful qualities ans merit.

Love, @happyops