Negative Emotions Are Due To Karma

This article continues our #Bodhicaryavatara series on Shantideva’s ‘A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life’ translated by Stephen Batchelor (ISBN: 8185102597). This text is frequently quoted by HH Dalai Lama as a source to develop universal compassion and loving kindness for both ourselves and all others.

Chapter VI Patience – 22-26

In verses 22-26, Shantideva describes how negative emotions and particularly anger arise without effort. Shantideva describes how “although they wished for” they arise (#23).

Without thinking, “I shall be angry,”
People become angry with no resistance,
And without thinking, “I shall produce myself,”
Likewise anger itself is produced.

Shantideva describes how (#24) it might even seem as though we are in the midst of a chaotic whirlwind with negative emotions arising and falling, moment by moment. But Shantideva corrects this by saying these negative emotions “They do no govern themselves” (#25) but actually they “Arise through the force of conditions” (#25). In other words, these negative emotions are all down to our karma. Our karma is something that we create and we are responsible for.

Love, @happyops