“I’d trade everything in to be loved and to have been loved”

‘Thanks for the Memory’ is from the second series of the British TV series ‘Red Dwarf’. This episode premiered in 1988 and features a very young looking Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules, Norman Lovett, and later Hattie Hayridge and Robert Llewellyn, as well as the love interest Sabra Williams as Lisa Yates.

It contains the following piece of TV wisdom:

I’ll tell you something. I’d trade it all in – my pips, my long service medals, my swimming certificates, my telescope, my shoe-trees. I’d trade everything in to be loved and to have been loved.


They might sound like the drunken ramblings of a man at the end of a big night out, but it is a sobering thought to live our lives isolated from the love of others. Personal Buddhist retreat can be very beneficial but it is important not to romanticise the isolation or use it as a way of escaping the problems in our lives. Sometimes we have hidden ourselves in other pursuits, such as in retreat, in travel, and most commonly in work.

It is important to have love in our lives from our family, friends, and (unless you are a monk or nun) from relationships. We need to be willing to open ourselves up to other people when the time is right, and willing to tell people that we love them. These should not be activities reserved for moments at the end of a big night out that could be later put down to too much alcohol. They should be genuine sentiment that express our feelings.


Love, @happyops