“Everybody love everybody”

‘Semi-Pro’ was a comedy that featured a big line-up of top comedians. This movie was released in 2008 and features Will Ferrell, Andrew Daly, Will Arnett, and Rob Corddry.

It contains the following piece of movie wisdom:

Everybody love everybody.


It might sound like a bumper sticker or a ridiculous sentiment leftover from the 1960s mumbled by Dukes – the washed-out hippie in ‘Semi Pro’. At @happyops we really like the simplicity of the message. This message is not just about being helpful, polite, and showing kindness to others, but this message is about being open to loving others. Whether they are a long time friend, a random stranger you have just bumped into, or a difficult work colleague who is always giving you a hard time. All other people deserve your love and to be shown your kindness and your compassion.

Love, @happyops