Work: The first month free

This article is written by EH at @happyops.

Hello World!!

I am EH. The previous three articles on work actually described some of the difficulties that I have faced in my old workplace. The team at @happyops gave me kind well-wishes for my time off, to have the opportunity to practice the Dharma, and to develop my professional skills. You can find those articles here:

Based on the actions of my manager led me to make the decision to leave the company. I did not have another job lined-up, I just did not want to be at that company any more. This would create an opportunity for me to practice the Dharma, and to develop my professional skills.

Leaving the company also carried other benefits that I enjoyed without work:

  • Not being so time-poor: Time is a precious resource. We are running along a finite timeline that will inevitably end in death, in my case it will be my death. After leaving the company I no longer needed to race to work, grab something for lunch, and work until late. In the first month I was able to sleep-in. After a few weeks I was able to do the things that I enjoy, such as spending time with the people that I care for, having the time to read a book, and other interests outside of work.
  • Being excited about my industry: After being so time poor I began to lose the excitement for my industry and passion for the parts that I found piqued my interest. After leaving the company I worked on projects that interested me. Without the pressure and deadlines, and free of the management, I could invest my time in myself and my own projects. This gave me renewed excitement and passion.
  • Investing in myself: I have been able to study to increase knowledge in my industry. By both studying and working on my own projects, I felt that I feel that I am investing in my knowledge and researching ideas. Rather than giving my time to to profit somebody else I am keeping my time to develop myself. In the long-term this strategy will benefit my career.
  • Find my enthusiasm: While investing in myself I have been visiting a university to make use of their facilities. It naturally reminded me of my university experiences, with the different fashions of the students. What struck me was the students’ enthusiasm that would have contrasted with my somewhat jaded outlook. Whether I had been worn down by work or just by the realities of the modern world, my outlook was far from enthusiastic. But I have found the enthusiasm, energy, and the motivation to be infectious. Now I feel more positive to pursue my own work-related goals, not least of all because I need to benefit myself.

Wishing you every happiness, EH