Making Dedications for the Recently Deceased

This article is written by AB at @happyops.

After my Grandad died I made two types of donation on his behalf.

1. I made donations to a charity. My Grandad was Christian so I thought it would be appropriate to make a donation that would help the poor.

2. I also sponsored Tibetan Buddhist pujas on behalf of my Grandad.

Pujas include a range of ritual prayers and performances in Tibetan Buddhism. I sponsored Medicine Buddha pujas and the recitation of the Perfection of Wisdom sutras. I asked that the dedication be for the future happiness and precious human rebirths of my Grandad.

If you are interested in dedicating pujas on behalf of somebody you know that has died then you can contact your local Buddhist centre or online here:

In a way this could be considered to be “out sourcing” the ritual prayers!! It can be good to get the real professionals involved. I also performed prayers and made the dedications myself. I used prayers like the ones available here online:

The idea is that after my Grandad had physically died, the consciousness of him could remain in the bardo or intermediate state for a variable length of time. This duration could be from an instant up to 7 weeks. This is an important time as my Grandad’s consciousness transitions into his next rebirth. The prayers and dedications that I made and others made on his behalf are of benefit to my Grandad during this time of transition and his next rebirth.

Wishing you every happiness, AB and @happyops.