Special Message from HH @Karmapa17

@Karmapa17 has released a video on YouTube that reflects on the role of Karmapa and recent events. The YouTube video is available here:

In the 38 min YouTube video, HH @Karmapa17 reflects on a range of topics, including:

  • Reflects on his own limitations, the ease of being lazy in our studies, and seeking structured studies in the Dharma.
  • The hard times of his own life and the burden of being the Karmapa – both as a religious leader and a political leader.
  • The difficulties in moving to India and the reasons for his prolonged stay in the United States.
  • The importance of looking beyond our own preferences, instead focusing on the bigger picture of the Kagyu lineage and Buddhism in general.

HH @Karmapa17 reflects openly and is very transparent in the YouTube video. We are very grateful for the work of HH @Karmapa17 and hope that others are able to collaborate with him.

We dedicate our merit to the full and complete recovery of HH @Karmapa17, and to his long and healthy life. May he continue to teach the Dharma and may we continue to receive teachings from HH @Karmapa17. We hope that HH @Karmapa17 is able to visit Australia and New Zealand in the near future.

Love, @happyops