Work: Sometimes you just can’t win

In the previous article we described how our colleague entered an escalating conversation that achieved very little, except for aggravating the manager. The heated exchange subsided, but for our colleague it was one incident too many with the manager. Our colleague took the decision to quit their job with no other job lined-up.

With a little care, our colleague is able to get by for a 2 to 4 months without income so they will take some time to up-skill through professional certification and move their career forward while building up their daily practice. We are very proud of their decision to leave their job and their difficult manager. It will mean that our colleague lives simply with basic food, but they will have the luxury of 2 to 4 months to find new work.

Most people just go from job to job, valuing themselves and their lives by their job title or salary. It can also be difficult to explain time away from work to a future employer. Our colleague has the reasonable excuse that they were studying for their professional certification.

Our colleague has the luxury of time to develop a strong daily practice, to invest in reading Dharma books, to reflect on the teachings, and engage in practices such as mantras and pujas. This time will be their personal retreat, even though they live in a city. We rejoice for the time set aside by our colleague while they are unemployed.

Whether you are working full or not, we hope that you are able to set some time aside for your spiritual development.

Love, @happyops