Work: “But they were wrong … and they need to be proven wrong”!!

One of our colleagues at @happyops was having a heated conversation with their manager at work. The manager had made a document inaccessible to an (expensive) contractor, thereby wasting the contractor’s (and the company) money. Our colleague pointed this out and the manager made their excuses and our colleague called them out. The manager made more excuses. And so on.

Rather than continue on our colleague stopped and walked away from the conversation. There was little value in proving the point that the manager was at fault. Continuing the conversation would achieve very little, except for aggravating the manager.

The point was that letting go was more important than proving their point. It meant that the conversation did not turn into an argument, the heated exchange subsided, and our colleague kept the peace with their manager.

Perhaps it is an escalating conversation, a distasteful comment, getting cut off in the queue, or some other contentious situation that touches a button. The monologue is often “but they were wrong … and they need to be proven wrong”!! People do not need to be told that they are wrong and how!! The recipient of your point of view might well be closed off to learning anything, particularly if you scream it!!

Much more useful is to practice patience, to let the situation pass by in our mind, and move forward in our day without being caught-up and held-back. We hope that our readers can move forward in their days without being held back.

Love, @happyops