@realDonaldTrump loves [noun]

We would like to continue the theme raised in the previous article that is captured from the @MinimalismFilm documentary concludes with this statement by @TheMinimalists that is:

If I can give you one takeaway,
one thing to bring away from all of this, it will be this:
love people and use things, because the opposite never works.

In the past two January to February 2018 @realDonaldTrump in his twitter feed has described:

  • Loving Pennsylvania & America.
  • Loving our Military.
  • “Falling in love” with Republicans and their President (ie. @realDonaldTrump)
  • Loving our police and law enforcement.

Having a certain respect for law enforcement is one thing, but the language being used is to “love [noun]”. This goes against the idea introduced in the previous article of loving people and using [nouns]. Every article that we have written is underpinned by love. However, instead of saying “we love [noun]” we describe love for yourself and for other people.

We also find that it is similar to the quote from ‘Anchorman Ron Burgundy’ where Steve Carell’s character says “I love lamp”. It is the language of the emotionally immature with only a basic grasp of the events happening around them, similar a 5 year old. We understand that @realDonaldTrump might be trying to rattle off a quotable soundbite for 24 hour news. But this is not the language of an adult that is able to articulate a more sophisticated feelings towards [noun].

Love, @happyops