#BoycottNRA #TheParklandTeensWillWin #ProtectKidsNotGuns

As of February 24 in 2018 there have been 8 shootings at schools in the United States that have resulted in injury or death. Across the United Status there have been 34 mass shootings resulting in 60 dead and 144 injured (source).

There is no good reason for the intentional loss of life. For this reason we would like to add our voice to the many others that state #BoycottNRA. This is not simply a matter of tearing up membership to the NRA. This also means a boycott of companies that are affiliated with the NRA, a boycott of politicians that receive donations from the NRA, and a boycott of services supporting the NRA such as @AppleTV, @Google, @Amazon, and @RokuPlayer.

There is no logic in protecting gun rights over the lives of children and adults. We can think of 204 reasons from this year alone why any automatic or semi-automatic weapons should be banned from sale immediately. Additional background checks should be required for any gun, and criminal activity should mean that gun ownership is made impossible.

Where the problem is too many guns in the hands of too many people, only a madman would suggest that the answer is for more guns (source).  Sometimes the idea is suggested that teachers or school security guards should be armed. But the outcome will only be that more guns leads to more deaths.

To finish, here are some words of wisdom from the late, great prophet Bill Hicks:

Love, @happyops