Be free of expectations – every day

Attachment might sound trivial but on reflection it is the driving force behind many of our actions throughout the days and years. Attachment is number two of the three poisons that keep us trapped within the cycle rebirth and reincarnation. In other words, because of attachment we remain in Samsara.

The first of the three poisons is ignorance. This ignorance is specific concerned with how the people, things, and events world seems so concrete, so definite, as though they were occurring independently from their own side. With this view we grasp on to the people, things, and events, particularly we grasp on to ourselves as somehow independent from all that is occurring around us.

The second poison is attachment. We become attached to “I”. This is not the little “i” in iPhone, iWatch, or iPad. The big “I” refers to the self-centred, selfish, centre of the universe that is “me first”. This self-cherishing view of the world places ourselves, our family and our people, our things, our events first above everybody else’s people, things, and events.

The third poison is anger or hatred. As described in the second poison, the big “I” puts our people, things, and events first based on our attachment to them. Woe betide anybody that dares to harm or come between our people, things, and events. Such a person will feel the full wraith of our anger and hatred. We probably don’t call it anger and hatred, instead we might say: “they were in the wrong”, “they were being rude”, or some other excuse to pardon our behaviour.

They might not sounds terribly bad, but the three poisons keep us locked into Samsara, driving our behaviour and decisions that we make everyday.

Love, @happyops