Valentine’s Day – Just another Wednesday

Here at @happyops we do not like Valentine’s Day. For that matter we do not care for New Year’s Eve as well. It is not so much that we dislike the relationships and love associated with Valentine’s Day, nor having fun and a drink associated with New Year’s Eve.

We dislike the expectation that “I will be in a relationship and I will be in love” on this day. Or “I will have fun and drink” on that day. The romantic time we have spent with our partners was in a private location on the days that were special to us. The nights when we had the most fun were often unplanned. Sometimes it was on the quiet nights, when we had the dancefloor to ourselves, and could order drinks easily at the bar to drink ourselves silly.

It is often the attachment to the expectation that causes the problems. Becoming attached to the expectation that “I should be in love on this day” or “I should be having fun on this other day” – that attachment itself causes dissatisfaction. Because of the attachment to the expectation, we can feel like a failure even if we are happily single on Valentine’s Day or enjoying a quiet night in on New Year’s Eve. The attachment itself is the problem. Otherwise, in 2018 Valentine’s Day is just another Wednesday like any other and New Year’s Eve is just another Monday like any another.

If you take away the attachment to the expectation then you are free to enjoy those days for what they are. We won’t build-up our expectations and we will not feel let down when the reality does not meet our expectation. The same applies to many other expectations or narratives that we develop in our mind. There is the build-up and already there is no way that the reality can live up to the hype, even if we have an awesome time. The reality will inevitably be different. Whether it is the expectation of a calendar date, a new relationship, the purchase of new clothing, or a new electronics device.

Love, @happyops