If nothing else, start the day with the right motivation

Our daily practice includes prayers and mantras, as well as the formal meditation. As much as we might try to start the day with our daily practice, some days that just is not possible. Whether it is because we overslept or we must rush into work for some deadline, some days there is just not enough time to do a daily practice.

We finish our daily practice with this intention and determination:

May all beings be happy, may all beings be well.

Dedicate any merit generated from this practice to your full, perfect, complete enlightenment, in order to benefit all beings in the best possible ways, not one being excluded.

Determine to use the next 24 hours to benefit all beings to the best of your abilities.

Instead of reciting this intention and determination, some days we simply spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on this intention and determination for the day. In other words, we start the day with a bodhicitta motivation. The bodhicitta motivation has two parts:

  1. Wishing all beings to have happiness.
  2. Determining to achieve enlightnment as the best method for all beings to have happiness.

With this bodhicitta motivation then we have started the day in the right way, and the idea is that this motivation will direct our actions throughout the day. Unfortunately, sometimes it only lasts for a few hours or a few minutes!!

Love, @happyops