Changing the narrative through meditation

Politicians use the phrase “changing the narrative” to put their own spin on a spiralling situation where the media reporting reflects poorly on them. Experienced politicians can quickly turn situations around to the benefit of their own agenda, such as Winston Peters (NZ) or Hillary Clinton (US).

At @happyops we like to use the phrase “changing the narrative” to describe how meditation changes our internal dialogue on a spiralling situation. You might have your own favourite spiralling situation, but our internal dialogue is often along the lines of “why is this happening to poor precious me?” or “I’m not good enough for this, something will go wrong”.

Like an experienced politician we can choose to “change the narrative” into “this is happening due to my own negative karma caused by my self-cherishing” or “I should enjoy this pleasure for what it is”.

Usually the narrative chooses itself because these are the responses we have reached for in the past so many times before. The narratives are already close at hand and our response is immediate.

Through meditation we can familiarise ourselves with other narratives that are more positive and have better outcomes for ourselves and everybody in the situation. Through meditation we can change the narrative of our own internal dialogue by habituating ourselves with more positive behaviours. For this reason, meditation immediately applies to our lives.

Love, @happyops