2018 New Year Resolution #6. Eat healthier

In this six part series we at @happyops are taking turns to share our new year resolutions for 2018.

The final resolution is to eat healthier. We have a sweet tooth, whether it is strictly chocolate or bakery delights. Our resolution for 2018 is to avoid refined sugar in these and other guises.

We will also avoid sugar disguised as healthy foods, such as fruit drinks, nut bars, breakfast bars, or muesli that all typically have a high sugar content. For example, muesli in the “clean living” style boxes can often contain more than 10g of sugar per 100g. Instead we will have healthier foods, such as fruit, nuts, or protein shakes.

We have already fallen into the trap of buying a sweet treat from the supermarket with the excuse that it was for somebody else. Later we find ourselves devouring the sugary goodness things at 11pm. So the resolution is not to buy sugary goodness things. But on occasion we will treat ourselves, such as a birthday party or special event.

Love, @happyops