2018 New Year Resolution #5. Don’t sweat the small stuff, try to be happier each day

In this six part series we at @happy_ops are taking turns to share our new year resolutions for 2018.

The fifth resolution is very easy to say but difficult to remember when there is a pressing work deadlines, argumentative relative or friend, or we seem to be having a difficult day. The resolution is: don’t sweat the small stuff, try to be happier each day.

In 2017 there a series of negative behaviours that we found ourselves engaging in. These included reading too much news. Because news channels bounce from one disaster to the next, they can give the feeling that the world is crumbling around us and we are at the dawn of armageddon. Wallowing in the negative aspects of the world is unhelpful. Instead, the time to make a statement is during at election time.

Anther negative behaviour was that we allowed ourselves to easily annoyed by things that didn’t really matter. They really were such small trivial things as:

  • The person in front of us was taking their time and being too slow.
  • Our favourite product was not on the shelves of the shop.
  • We took offence with something said, even a casual remark.

Because they really were that trivial, it indicates that our mind was very sensitive and delicate to such small disturbances. It indicates that we were unhappy and in many ways we were unhappy.

In this resolution for 2018 we have decided to try to be happier in ourselves and not to let such small things disturb our mind. This is achieved in two parts:

  1. Firstly, making the decision not to let such trivial things disturb our mind. In other words, choosing to be happier and choosing not to let such things reduce our happiness. In some cases this is a straightforward mental decision not to get drawn into a negative narrative that will drain away our joy. In other cases this requires stepping away from the situations and people we know will bring us suffering, although this might not always be easy or possible.
  2. Secondly, by establishing a strong daily practice we intend to achieve more stability in our minds, so that we are not affected so easily.

Love, @happy_ops