2018 New Year Resolution #4. Drink but don’t get drunk

In this six part series we at @happy_ops are taking turns to share our new year resolutions for 2018.

The fourth resolution is to have a better relationship with alcohol in 2018. We enjoy alcohol we have no intention to stop drinking this year. We enjoy alcohol, including:

  • The subtle nuanced flavours in some wines or whiskies.
  • The relaxed sensation that alcohol brings
  • The social aspect of drinking alcohol.

However, when we drink we want to avoid getting drunk. Over the holidays and new year we had a few experiences of getting drunk and we do not rejoice in our drunken actions or days wasted by hang-overs. By “drunk” we mean avoiding drinking so much that we:

  • Saying or doing silly things that we later regret.
  • Begin to slur our words.
  • Enough to have a hang-over.

For us this translates into a limit of about four drinks. The intention is that we get to enjoy alcohol without any of the messiness associated with getting drunk. It also means that we are still able to function the next day without a hangover casting a shadow over us and our mood.

Love, @happy_ops