2018 New Year Resolution #3. Use commute time wisely

In this six part series we at @happy_ops are taking turns to share our new year resolutions for 2018.

The third resolution is to use time commuting on public transport more wisely. We like to commute on public transport because of the reduced impact on the environment but using public transport is time consuming.

In the past we have tried to use this commute time more wisely by trying a range of activities, but they never seemed to work out. Some of these activities seemed to leave us feeling over-filled with information before we arrived at work. These included:

  • Reading a Buddhist book or listening to teachings.
  • Listening to work-related podcasts.

Instead, our new approach is to use the commute time as transition time to reflect on:

  • What you have done.
  • How it could be improved next time.
  • What you will do next.

You can reflect on what you have done in practical terms. This ties- in with our intention to plan out the rest of the day in the morning, as described in the previous article. Could something be made more efficient or effective? Products, services, and companies are built through the actions built up day by day aggregated together.

In terms of our daily practice, we could also reflect on our actions in-terms of whether they were virtuous or non-virtuous. This activity is similar to the famous story of Geshe Ben Gungyal. His main practice was to observer his mind. When a negative thought arose then he would place down a black pebble, such as when a thought of anger or self-cherishing arose. When a positive thought arose then we would place down a white pebble, such as a thought of generosity or kindness. If there were more black pebbles he would reprimand himself and determine to try even harder the next day, but if there were more white pebbles he would rejoice. At the beginning, the black pebbles greatly outnumbered the white ones, but over the years his mind improved until he reached the point when entire days went by without any black pebbles.

Love, @happy_ops