2018 New Year Resolution #2. Get up early & do something positive

In this six part series we at @happy_ops are taking turns to share our new year resolutions for 2018.

The second resolution is to get up early and go to bed early, even on weekends.

‘Why I wake up early’ is an article by @richardbranson. He can hardly be called an entrepreneur any more. Richard Branson is the head of the multi-billion dollar Virgin empire in it’s various guises from record label, international airline, banking, to vodka and cola. He often proclaims the benefits of waking up early to have time to prepare for the day, to start the day with a positive attitude by spending time with his family, have time to exercise and feel energised for the day, and plan out the rest of the day. It also gives him time to do the little things like check the news, reply to emails, and be ready for work.

Similar to Richard Branson, we intend to wake up early to start the day with a positive attitude. Nobody at @happy_ops plans to wake up at 5am!! But maybe we could wake up at 6am and have more time to do a daily practice rather than a rushed 20 minutes. In the same way as @richardbranson we intend to plan out the rest of the day. This will likely be little more than what can be written on a post-it note, but the process of planning makes us think more about what we are doing and that each task is worthwhile before we add it to the list. Which tasks we actually complete by the end of the day could be completely different, but the act of planning helps us to question the priority of any new task.

This means that our daily practice can include formal meditation, recite prayers and mantras, and reading or listening to Dharma teachings. This is also the right time to clearly set the right motivation, the bodhicitta motivation. That positive motivation carries over from the daily practice into the rest of the day. By waking up early to do a daily practice we are able to start each day with a positive attitude and be happier each day.

Well said that man. We sincerely hope that you can be happier each day in 2018.

Love, @happy_ops