2018 New Year Resolution #1. Stop wasting time

In this six part series we at @happy_ops are taking turns to share our new year resolutions for 2018.

The first resolution is to stop wasting time. It is easy to stop wasting time when there are so many distractions, typically in the form of black rectangles. Whether it is a smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, or another screen that captures our attention and absorbs so many hours of our free time.

Whether it is too much time internet shopping, news feeds, social networking, or another web site that soaks up more than 10 minutes. For others the distractions might be time spent in the pool halls, time dating prospect after prospect, getting drunk or trashed, or some other distraction.

The equivalent Lamrim meditation is to meditate on impermanence and death. These can be very sobering or morbid meditations. The goal is to get to the same appreciation for the preciousness of time and how important it is to invest that time in something worthwhile rather than frittering it away by gazing at some web site.

A friend was describing financial investment and their perspective was that investments typically do not work where the money is based on a person’s time. Financial investment only works where the money works for you because time is the real currency.

So then the question becomes: how best to make the most of the time that we have suddenly freed up? What would be a worthwhile investment of this currency, what would be a more meaningful use of that time, what really counts?

Love, @happy_ops